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New Reviews!

Posting 2 new reviews for #GoingAgainstType:
4.0 out of 5 stars Enjoyable read February 18, 2015
By Book Addict
Format:Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
This was a sweet, enjoyable read. I loved the concept, so I didn't hesitate to buy. The characters were great, and I really liked our leading lady Charlotte. My stomach was in knots when a simple mistake placed her job on the line, letting me know how invested I had really become in her journey. Derry himself was a really interesting and likable character. The romance was sweet, instead of intense, and the sex was pretty closed door. Now I have said this many times before, I like my sex scene to sizzle, but somehow…the closed door nature of Derry and Charlotte coming together was perfect for the pacing, and tone of the story. A really enjoyable light hearted read and I would recommend it.
There were bits I wanted more of. I wanted to see more stuff happening instead of being told. It isn’t that the telling wasn’t wonderful, because it was entertaining. But salient information like the first kiss between Derry and Charlotte, was mentioned in passing. I was like holy hell! Why? I needed to see that onset, the uncertainty, the tension, and feel the pleasure with them, ya know. Other than that missed first kiss, I loved the steady buildup to their falling for each other, though I wished I had seen more page time with Derry and Char. I thought it was so sweet that they didn’t fall into bed with each other, but took the time to date. And what made it so perfect is that they were both rivals (Cain and Able, Superman and Lex Luthor rivals wink emoticon ). Battling each other with their posts from the newspapers they worked at, and didn’t know it. I waited with bated breath the entire time for it to be revealed. And I was satisfied when it happened.
It was a good read, humorous in a few places giving me some laugh out loud moments. This author completely drew me into Derry and Charlotte’s lives, making the story feel wholesome. I got to see Derry and Charlotte with friends, co-workers, and family, painting an even greater picture of their characters.
I would recommend to readers looking for a sweet romantic comedy to sink their teeth in. Did I mention this book kind of reminds me of the movie, The Ugly truth? And I loved that movie.

And Amazon UK:
5.0 out of 5 stars Great - with enough twists 16 Feb. 2015
By J.T
Format:Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase

Great - with enough twists, turns and fun to keep me reading.
A female in a male dominated environment - always good!
I really enjoyed it and I'm going to miss Charlotte now...MT

Here's the buy link:

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New Review; be in with a chance to win a free copy of Irish romantic comedy, Going Against Type

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#GoingAgainstType is reviewed at the wonderful #GeeksInHighSchool blog today. And everyone who leaves a comment on the blog is in with a chance to win a free e-copy of the book.
This is a substantial, well-thought through, and honest review by author Stacy Reid Nelson. If you're interested in having a look, and winning a book (uh oh, rhyming couplets now) here's the link:

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*A Cup of Mint Tea in South Africa, with Author Elsa Winckler*

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Delighted to be in South Africa today with wonderful author Elsa Winckler - Skrywer van liefdesverhale where we're enjoying a Cup of Mint Tea.

Reposting here too:

  1. Tea or wine?
Mint tea!
  1. Read or jog?
  1. Cats or dogs?
  1. Heels or flats?
  1. Boxers or briefs?
  1. Milk, dark or white chocolate?
  1. Sweet or savoury?
  1. Sea or mountains?
B. Five likes and dislikes:
Italian coffee.
Real fires.
Kobo e-reader.
People talking on their phone in public.
Speeding drivers.
Fast food.
Losing stuff.
C. Three things on you bucket list?
Spend a month seeing southern Italy and Sicily.
Walk a marathon.
Write a bestseller.
Going Against Type by Sharon Black - 200D. What triggered this specific story?
I used to watch the old Hollywood movies on TV when I was growing up. Katharine Hepburn and Spencer Tracey were absolute favourites; they sizzled together on screen.
One of the films they made together was Woman of the Year, where Hepburn played a high-brow newspaper pundit, and Tracey plays a sports columnist. She rubbishes sport and he leaps to its defence.
I thought, what if my heroine were the sports journalist? She writes a sports column. Then I made my hero a fashion writer and gossip columnist. But I was determined to turn the stereotypes on their heads. I also keep the up suspense. Neither have any idea that they’ve fallen for their bitter rival, as both columns are written under pen names. But Woman of the Year was my light-bulb moment.

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Friday, 13 February 2015

Set the right mood for St Valentine's Day with a sparkling romantic comedy!


Charlotte glanced quickly about, hoping to engage with the other women, but to her frustration she found they'd drifted away. Leaving her with this egotistical...
'So as an experiment, do you think we'll work?' Derry said, interrupting her... thoughts.
'Um, will what work?'
He shot her an arrogant smile.
'Fiona's match-making attempt. Either Cupid will be on target or we'll end up throwing bread rolls at each other.'
Charlotte gritted her teeth.
'I'm a crack shot with a bread roll.'

'Very enjoyable read! The storyline seems to model similar storylines from the 1930s-40s era of "screwball comedies" but the plausibility of such a scenario taking place is part of the appeal!'

'A sweet and funny opposites-attract contemporary romance.' (Joy Nash, USA Today bestselling author).

Get yourself in the #mood for #ValentinesDay with the sparkling 5***** #Irish #romantic #comedy, #GoingAgainstType by Sharon Black. Download it today:

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ST VALENTINE'S Day: Love it or hate it. It's hard to ignore it completely. Christmas is over. The dark month of January past. And although many of us are still digging snow (no, not here in Dublin), it's time to remember that florists too, have to eat.
Single and unattached? The day seems designed to mock you. In a long term relationship? February 14th can pass like any normal day. Unless you're showered daily, with flowers and insanely soppy cards.
Didn't think so.
Let's face it. Those big gestures - incredibly romantic or hilariously disastrous - usually happen during that honeymoon period of a relationship. But just how extravagant can you make that bouquet? How much money will you drop on that candlelit dinner?
Ready to raise the bar, gentlemen?
Because along with Christmas, St Valentine's Day is one of the most popular days for popping the question!
But what to do! Hide the ring in her food? Apart from the fact that it's a bit overdone, she might choke to death. And if you want a real story for your grandchildren, you might like to get a bit more creative.
I know of one couple who tried their hand at deep sea diving one Valentine's Day. A first for both of them, they got kitted out, and dived with a fully-qualified instructor.
A little nervous, she found it helped to concentrate on everything she needed to do. Breathing correctly, moving carefully, following the instructor's clear signals, once they reached the sea bed.
So when her boyfriend swam over to her, and showed her a ring, she thought it was a piece of rubbish he'd just found. When he realised that she wasn't catching his drift, he decided he'd spell it out for her.
'I' he mimed, pointing to himself, 'Love', this time making the little heart shaped gesture with his hands, 'You', and pointed to her.
She nodded and gave him a little wave, pointing to a shoal of beautiful fish swimming nearby.
Undeterred, he made one last attempt. In order to keep his balance, he grabbed hold of the bewildered instructor, and managed to force himself onto one knee. Then he held up the ring.
The girl got such a shock, she started to hyperventilate. Then she began to black out. The instructor stepped in, cut the session short, and got the two of them back to the surface as soon as he safely could.
Later, she said yes. They have two children now. Still together.
But they haven't been diving since.

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British Romance Fiction Blog: Guest blog - Sharon Black: 'Going Against Type'

British Romance Fiction Blog: Guest blog - Sharon Black: 'Going Against Type': BLURB: Some would say Charlotte ‘Charlie’ Regan has it all. Beautiful, smart, athletic and a great job working as a journalist – in th...

Maria McKenzie: Sharon Black's Debut Novel: Going Against Type

Maria McKenzie: Sharon Black's Debut Novel: Going Against Type:

Many thanks to Maria McKenzie for hosting me on her blog today. Click on the link above to see the full blog, including comments. Pasting the interview below:

Please join me in welcoming author Sharon Black as a guest. Her debut novel, Going Against Type, is now available! With the inspiration of an American movie classic, she has created a very fun romantic comedy. Take it away, Sharon!

Going Against Type is a romantic comedy, set against the backdrop of Dublin newspapers. It’s the story of two rival columnists, who write under pen names, and who fall in love, each not knowing that they are dating the enemy!
I worked as a journalist for national newspapers in Ireland – that’s my background. Which made it easier to set the book in newspapers. But my inspiration was an old Hollywood film, Woman of the Year, starring Katharine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy. 

In Woman of the Year, Hepburn plays a high brow newspaper pundit, who rubbishes sport. Tracy is a sports columnist who leaps to its defense and attacks Hepburn. In the film, they are forced to work together, and quickly fall in love.
Going Against Type, I turned the stereotypes on their head, so my heroine, Charlotte, is a sports reporter and a bit of a tomboy. My hero, Derry, is a fashion writer and gossip columnist, and he starts the war of words and wit, when he attacks Charlotte’s column Side Swipe, after she slags off footballers who get involved with promoting big brand fashion. So the fun begins!


'Sweetheart, you can't ask Derry to fly solo in a room full of couples.'
Fiona turned to smile at him.
'I'm going to invite Charlotte, my old school friend.'
'The sports writer? Yep, I can see Derry really going for her!'
'I'm not asking Derry to sail off into the sunset with her,’ Fiona said mildly. ‘She’s a smart, down-to-earth girl. And gorgeous looking!’
‘I don’t think Derry needs any help finding a girl,’ Jack said. ‘Look, don’t you get it? Derry’s ideal woman is an underwear model with the mental agility of an obtuse snail.’
Fiona couldn’t help laughing.
‘I’m not doing this just for Derry. Charlotte’s a tomboy, sure. She doesn’t suffer fools. But there’s a thin line between self-contained and lonely. Derry might rattle her cage. Shake her up a little.’

Sharon, thanks so much for joining me today and telling us a bout your new book! Great story line--I love how you've reversed the Tracy and Hepburn roles!
To find out more about Sharon, visit her blog,, and author page, Sharon Black Author Page.
be sure to check out Going Against Type! 

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Just Contemporary Romance: Going Against Type

Just Contemporary Romance: Going Against Type: With: Sharon Black Giveaway Alert! GOING AGAINST TYPE  Some would say Charlotte ‘Charlie’ Regan has it all. Beautiful, smart, a...

'All the World's a Page' according to author Susanne Bellamy. I'm interviewed on her blog today, so stop by if you get a chance. Would love to chat!
x Sharon.

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Ryshia Kennie: Going Against Type

Ryshia Kennie: Going Against Type: Welcome Sharon Black  with her latest release A romantic comedy published by Tirearr Publishing,  Going Against Type Sharon wi...

Wednesday, 4 February 2015