Friday, 13 February 2015

Set the right mood for St Valentine's Day with a sparkling romantic comedy!


Charlotte glanced quickly about, hoping to engage with the other women, but to her frustration she found they'd drifted away. Leaving her with this egotistical...
'So as an experiment, do you think we'll work?' Derry said, interrupting her... thoughts.
'Um, will what work?'
He shot her an arrogant smile.
'Fiona's match-making attempt. Either Cupid will be on target or we'll end up throwing bread rolls at each other.'
Charlotte gritted her teeth.
'I'm a crack shot with a bread roll.'

'Very enjoyable read! The storyline seems to model similar storylines from the 1930s-40s era of "screwball comedies" but the plausibility of such a scenario taking place is part of the appeal!'

'A sweet and funny opposites-attract contemporary romance.' (Joy Nash, USA Today bestselling author).

Get yourself in the #mood for #ValentinesDay with the sparkling 5***** #Irish #romantic #comedy, #GoingAgainstType by Sharon Black. Download it today:

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