Thursday, 16 April 2015

HBS Author's Spotlight: GOING AGAINST TYPE

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Thrilled to be over at HBS Author Spotlight today with another interview. Popping an excerpt from Going Against Type below.


Helen clapped her hands delightedly.

‘Oh Charlotte! Derry Cullinane? Don’t tell me you don’t know his by-line. I thought all you journalists knew each other.’

Charlotte looked bemused.

‘How do you know him?’

‘Well, I always read his mid-week fashion feature. He’s a terrific writer...what?’

‘You read him, but you never read me?’

Helen smiled a little sheepishly.

‘Hey, nothing personal. Sport just doesn’t do it for me...’

‘Anyway, Fiona was obviously playing matchmaker,’ Charlotte continued, ‘but I’m not sure about him...’

Helen frowned.

‘What’s he like? His picture looks really hot! Oh God, please don’t tell me it’s airbrushed! Is he a troll? Oh wait, is he gay? He does write about fashion...’

Charlotte rolled her eyes.

‘That would make the matchmaking a bit pointless. No, he’s definitely not gay.’

‘So, what...three ex-wives? Does he still live with his mother?’

Charlotte bit her lip thoughtfully.

‘It’s nothing like that. We’re just very different. We have nothing in common.’

Helen nodded sagely.

‘No chemistry?’

‘Um well, no. I think there probably was.’

Helen started to laugh.

‘Charlotte, you’re blushing! Let me get this straight: this guy is gorgeous, available and you’ve got the hots for him.’

Charlotte shrugged.

‘It doesn’t matter. I don’t think I’m his type at all.’

‘So you turned him down?’ Helen looked disappointed.

‘He hasn’t even asked me out.’ 


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