Saturday, 18 April 2015

This Spring, fall for a 5***** sparkling, Irish romantic comedy!

What happens when 2 Rival Newspaper Columnists unknowingly fall for their bitter enemy – each other!
This Spring, fall for Charlotte and Derry in the sparkling, 5 Star, Irish Romantic Comedy, GOING AGAINST TYPE.

‘The novel reverberates with authenticity…you won’t be disappointed with Going Against Type. I think it’s the first Irish novel I’ve read that wasn’t historical, which makes it both refreshing and light.’ 
‘The plausibility of such a scenario taking place is part of the appeal!’
‘An utterly charming, clever book. What a great storyteller…’

‘Why are you so nervous, Charlotte? It’s just a date!’
‘Oh come on Helen. The last guy I dated was Mr Uptight conor, and before that I dated sports jocks. Derry is different. He’s Premier League status!’
‘And you’re Scumthorpe United? Take a look at yourself, woman!’
‘I’m not sure what he expects, but I’m not his type, Helen. I’m floundering.’
Helen caught Charlotte’s hands and forced her to meet her gaze.
‘Don’t you dare run yourself down, Charlotte Regan. You’re intelligent and totally gorgeous! But you need to do one thing!’
‘Allow yourself to be a woman! How do I put this without you taking it the wrong way? Don’t talk sport all night. You are incredibly bossy when you start. Let Derry take charge a bit. Allow him to be a man!’
Charlotte blinked.
‘Sorry, I just time travelled to the 1950s for a moment. What were you saying?’


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