Wednesday, 15 July 2015


Lovely author Lj McEvoy posted this on Goodreads today. Sharing here:

A Fun Read Desperately Needed!
I bought this book because with a house move and surgery looming within 7 days of each other – I needed a fun, stress-free read.
Thankfully, I made the right choice with Going Against Type by Sharon Black. ...
This I must say is an entertaining contemporary romance with two very likable and believable characters. Both Charlie and Derry are successful but with their success comes the hidden uncertainties of their private lives and careers. Each character (major and minor) in the book is admittedly recognisable with enough qualities and flaws to make them feel that way. The book wasn’t full of sex scenes and the storyline was great, one I can see actually happening in this world of social media, gossip columns and blogs.
I’m delighted to say I would definitely recommend this book for anyone looking for a little adult summer chick lit with true character development and storyline. Honestly I look forward to reading this author’s future work; she has a natural flare for writing. Going Against Type offered that little bit of “me time” in what was a chaotic week – happy and relaxed now. Thank you Sharon Black!

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