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#Scarecrows & #Pumpkins: A Dublin #Halloween.

A BLOOD spattered butcher stands outside his shop, an axe in one hand, a gruesome looking head in the other. At his feet are severed, bloody hands.
It is, by far, the most frightening scarecrow in our village's annual Scarecrow & Pumpkin Festival. And like all the other newcomers in the village, he appeared just in time for the schools' mid-term break.
Each year, all the shop owners participate during the run up to Halloween, in a bid to win the €500 cash prize for the best scarecrow.
Last Sunday, mocking the onset of Winter, a warm sun shone in a bright blue sky, as I strolled through the village with my younger girl and the boy.
'Cool!' exclaimed the boy, reaching out to touch the horrible head. Its eyes flashed and a strange cackling made his teenage sister jump. 'Did you see that?' he demanded, delighted with himself.
Not all the scarecrows are terrifying, of course. Some are quite funny. Like the wonderfully tall fellow who stands outside the local pub, a pint of stout in one hand, the other politely showing the way to the door. A permanent smile on his giant pumpkin face.
Each business strives to produce a scarecrow that represents them. Outside our little bookshop sits a pencil, its severed head stuck to its chest. The hardware, which sells everything from paint to plants, sports a man made entirely of brightly painted pots, complete with growing green hands and feet.
And until Samhain has safely passed for another year, pizza loving locals must negotiate the zombie chef, that stands guard outside one of the local eateries.
Our terrific vet is always fun and imaginative. One year, his scarecrow was a canine vet, dressed in white, about to operate. This year, there's a 'Cops 'n Robbers' theme: a cat burglar, in black and white stripes, scales the wall, as a guard dog looks on.
As we walk back through the village for home an hour later, my daughter shakes her head at the butcher's scarecrow.
'That's so wrong,' she says, taking care to walk on the outside of the footpath. Her younger brother smirks.
'Mum says you were afraid of the vacuum cleaner when you were younger. You're just sad!'
She gives me an indignant look. I smile and shrug.
That's the thing about Halloween.
Like everything else in life, scary is all relative.
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Gorgeous here in #sunny #Dublin. Yep, those two words are in the same sentence - and it's October here too, just like everywhere else!

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New #Review @ The Travelogue of a #Book #Addict

It's Day 2 of ‪#‎MyAddictionisReading‬ Virtual ‪#‎review‬ blog tour, and I'm over at The Travelogue of a Book Addict. Am thrilled to get a 2nd wonderful review at this stop of the tour. Pasting it here with the link:

"This is a funny tale of a tug of war between 2 rival columnists who end up falling for each other unknowingly.
The beginning of the book reeled me in with the introduction of the heroine, Charlotte and her new column, Side Swipe. Her first article for it had me... grinning in delight with her sassy attitude. Then the hero, Derry entered the scene with his sarcastic reply in his column, The Squire. Their first war of words had me wanting more and eager to see its progess.
The articles by the protagonists were entertaining and fun. They had me reading the book faster and they kept me interested in their love story. Then they met in person and the sparks flew!Characterwise, Charlotte delighted me with her tom boyish tendencies. I loved seeing her vulnerability when she was trying to woo Derry with her feminine wiles. She was my favourite of all the characters. Derry managed to disgust me with his play boy behaviour at the beginning. Then his softer side came out to play which had me liking him better. The story behind his attitude made me fall for him more towards the end. As for the supporting cast, the story wouldn't have made it without them.
The romance was just done right. It wasn't very heavy and at the same time managed to convey their like and chemistry. As for the humour, the book is full of small incidents which had me laughing under my breath.
Overall, the book made me enjoy their love story interspersed with laughter and sadness. The book is full of engaging writing and I can see myself reading more of the author's work.

My one line review : A fun love story with engaging writing and humorous incidents.
My rating : 4/5
My reread factor : 4/5"

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#MyAddictionisReading Virtual Review Tour kicks off today at The Coffeeholic Bookworm.
Thrilled with my first 4**** review of the week. Here's the link:

And here's the link to the interview with yours truly:

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SO, Y'KNOW when nothing terribly exciting happens for a while, and then somebody out there reads your book AND WRITES A REVIEW FOR AMAZON? Just discovered it a few minutes ago. Clare, whoever you are, thanks a million! It's copied below, along with the link.

by Claire on October 4, 2015
Format: Kindle Edition
It's the battle of the anonymous.. Okay, that's a bad opening line. But this is the real deal.
Charlotte "Charlie" Regan writes under the name Side Swipe for a Dublin newspaper showcasing athletes and sports. She's given the job to do a column to air her no-holds barred opinions and advice about real sports without the touch of fashion industry. On the other hand, her contemporary, Derry of The Squire blatantly contradicts her words and no-fashion sense, thus creating word war with her. But these two columnists don't know each other and have no idea who the other one is.

The strange thing though, they are always bumping into each other and have even managed to feel something for one another. How would their future fare when Derry finally finds out that the Side Sweep writer he publicly hates is actually the woman he's about to fall in love with? And vice versa?

I certainly had a great time reading the sports/opinion columns these two main characters wrote for their respective papers. Their words were biting, engaging, funny and scathing, and as a reader, I would totally fall for their thoughts. They would totally have me thinking and even encourage me to have second thoughts. They're both witty, competent, amusing and charming. Thus giving me a great time perusing their story.

Author Sharon Black could very well be the next Sophie Kinsella or Meg Cabot, in my opinion.
She had me laughing and grinning until the end. She left me feeling satisfied yet also clamoring for another cute story. Hoping to read more from her soon!

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SUPER excited about my upcoming Virtual Review Blog Tour! Starting Monday, October 5, I'll be touring with my ‪#‎contemporary‬ ‪#‎romantic‬ ‪#‎comedy‬, ‪#‎GoingAgainstType‬, for a week.

Catch me on ‪#‎MyAddictionisReading‬ tour any time during the week. I'll post stops along the way.

Set against the backdrop of modern ‪#‎Dublin‬ newspapers, #GoingAgainstType is the sparkling story of 2 rival columnists who unknowingly fall for their arch enemy: each other.
Here's a quick EXCERPT:
Charlotte smiled nervously as Fiona fussed around her.
'How many people are you having?' she whispered.
'Oh there's ten of us altogether. You'll love them. I've put you sitting next to a friend of Jack's. Actually, you might know him, he's a journalist but not a sports writer. Come in and I'll make the introductions.'
Great, she is matchmaking. Charlotte sighed inwardly as Fiona led her to a tall, dark haired man who stood with his back to them, chatting to the three other women in the room. They seemed to be mesmerized.
The man turned as he heard Fiona. Oh good grief, Charlotte thought. It's Panama Hat Man. She found herself blushing as Fiona steered her into the man's line of vision.
A slow, amused smile of recognition spread across his face. Brown eyes locked hard with green. Okay Charlotte, play it cool. With a show of dignity, she looked away.

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