Saturday, 9 January 2016

*New Year, New Review for #GoingAgainstType*

Pasting in my latest review for ‪#‎GoingAgainstType‬, which is up on ‪#‎AmazonUSA‬ today.
AL gave it 4 stars and I'm extremely grateful to whomever s/he is for writing a review.
Remember, it's still on ‪#‎SALE‬ on ‪#‎AMAZON‬ for just 99c/99p.

"This is a very light-hearted read. I loved the snipping back and forth in the heroine/hero's respective newspaper columns. Of course their identities are hidden as these "snipe" columns are not by-lined with their real names.
Charlotte (Charlie,) the heroine, is making a no-holds-barred attempt at writing a column that will win her recognition for her dream to become a "sports reporter;" whereas, Derry, our hero, was very much a man's man writing in the vaulted arena of fashion.
Their banter in the columns brought many a laugh. But I would have enjoyed seeing much more interaction between the characters as their personal relationship built up. If you are an Irish football fan and newspaper column reader, you will delight in the background story of these characters.
The story is reminiscent of the movies The Shop Around the Corner and You’ve Got Mail. Unfortunately, I felt the ending was too abrupt and incomplete, the romance portion a bit weak, but the dialogue in their written columns was very clever and made the whole story work." AL Amazon USA.

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