Monday, 4 January 2016


                                                 New Year Resolutions: Make them fun.

THE NEW YEAR always catches me out. I think it's because Christmas starts earlier and earlier each year. Gaudy Halloween decorations now sell alongside iced fruit cakes and sparkly Christmas crackers.
          I ignore it until the middle of December. Then, I finally accept that something has to be done, and I tear around like a rabbit on steroids for about ten days, only to flop in front of a fire on Christmas night, delighted I managed to pull it together again.
         And so the next few days slip by. You know. Great movies on TV. Trip to the theatre with the family. Trying not to eat myself into a food coma. I was pretty well behaved this year.
         Then, suddenly, it's New Year's Eve. New Year's Eve? How sad am I that I don't see that creeping up? Whilst my older kids venture out for fun and fireworks, I'm wondering whether I should bother staying up 'til midnight!
         And then the new year. Here in all its cold, rainy fierceness (for anyone outside Ireland who's not seen the news, we are experiencing the worst flooding ever!).
        But for better or worse, 2016 is upon us. And not a resolution in the house.
        If asked, I'd know what they'd be, of course. Eat less bad stuff? Yup. Exercise more? Yup, yup.
        But actually, this year I want to be more fun. I want to try new stuff. Like kite-surfing. The husband and the boy went for an early morning cycle at the weekend, and spotted kite-surfers, doing their thing in the storm. We could do without the rain, but you need wind to kite-surf. And there's never any shortage in this part of the world.
       Meanwhile, one of us has already done something different. On new year's eve, the boy helped out for a couple of hours, at sheltered housing for older people. He chose it to fulfil a school Christmas challenge: an act of kindness for a stranger.
       Chances are strong that he benefited far more, than the lovely people he was there to help. He definitely enjoyed it. Although he was a bit stumped when one resident, obviously a woman with a GSOH, asked him if he was still single!
       As for me, I'm making a list: fun new things to try.
       Sky diving. Now there's one....

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  1. What a lovely thing to do on New Year's Eve. Hope you enjoy making your list, and then trying all the new things. Wishing you a happy - and fun-filled - 2016!

    1. Many thanks, Wendy. I figured I might actually keep some resolutions, if they were fun to keep!! Happy new year to you too. xx

  2. Happy New Year Sharon! As always enjoyed your blog, here's to loads in 2016 ☺️

    1. Thanks a million, Lj, really appreciate that. Here's to a productive 2016 for all of us scribblers!! xx