Monday, 9 January 2017

12 New Year Resolutions

                                                    New Year Resolutions: Make a List!

SO HERE it is. After all the hype, all the weird and wonderful of 2016, the New Year has arrived.

And in the spirit of all that is new and fresh, I have decided to make a list of resolutions.

I know a lot of people make lists. Some people even stick to them.

But apart from scribbling down daily reminders of what I need to do in a desk diary - and believe me, if it's not in the diary, it doesn't get done - I tend to avoid them. 

However, 2017 is a new me. And so to my list.

1. Get to bed by 10.30 every night.

It might not seem like a big deal. Actually, it is. This is because some strange part of my brain tells me that the night hours are an excellent time for cleaning the kitchen or doing the laundry.

For some reason, I get a burst of energy, just when other people are powering down. It could be guilt. Who knows?

On occasion, I am also glued to a movie. Sadly, this is sometimes a horror movie. I say sadly, because I end up watching it BY MYSELF. Afterwards I am too terrified to move.

Especially up a dark stairs and into a dark bedroom, in a bid not to waken the rest of the family. Unless of course they've already been woken by my shrieks of terror as I watch the TV.

Plus, if I manage to get to bed by 10.30, I have some hope of getting up early the following morning. I am not a morning person.

2. Eat a better diet.

In my dreams I bounce out of bed, after a perfect 7 hours' sleep, to eat a breakfast of home-made muesli, tonnes of fruit and a mug of green tea.

In reality I drag myself out of bed to force down some packet muesli or eggs (fried!), followed by my morning coffee as soon as I can get it.

3. Eat less cheese.

I'm not cheating by making this a separate point. I love cheese in the way other people love chocolate (I love that too, but let's not get distracted).

I read that you can become addicted to cheese, in the same way you can become addicted to hard drugs. It's a possibility I'm willing to consider.

4. Lose Weight.

Says practically every woman, every year. What can I say? See 2. and 3.

5. Live in the moment.

Rather than in denial. I do denial extremely well. Like being completely unprepared for Christmas a week before Christmas. Because I have a whole week!

Or knowing I will lose a stone in weight for a wedding. When the wedding is less than a month away.

Denial: not just a river in Egypt.

6. Plan better.

Which, at a glance, seems to be the opposite of living in the moment. My theory is that if you can plan that moment, you can live it better. At this moment, that makes perfect sense to me. Moving on.

7. Don't sweat the small stuff.
Like the time I accidentally dropped a casserole dish on the kitchen floor and it smashed and cracked a tile so badly, we still have tape over it.

The tiles cover the whole floor and the cracked tile looks awful. I got more upset about the broken casserole. And the dinner I'd just made in it.

8. Use a bell.
It will mean less shouting at the offspring. Note I didn't say NO SHOUTING at the offspring. This is a list of resolutions, not miracles.

9. Exercise more.

This may appear to be part of the whole losing weight plan, but in fact I just need those extra endorphins. If losing weight is a side-effect, I'll take it on the chin. Or you know, off my hips. Whichever is more convenient.

10. Learn yoga.

I have a confession. I'm less interested in the whole mind-body-spirit thing, and more influenced by somebody I know who actually teaches yoga.

She is older than me. She still looks about 30: at a push. So the yoga aspiration is pure vanity. Now you know.

11. Declutter.

Be honest, if you've read my column before you knew this would be in here. Sometimes (late at night when I should be in bed) I declutter a small space.

Then I stand in that space and breathe. I'm convinced the air is different after I throw stuff out.

The possibility of decluttering the whole house is mind-blowing. Which might dove-tail nicely with yoga. I'll find out.

12. Stop making lists.

They're exhausting. And a bit scary.


A very Happy New Year to everyone. I'm looking forward to 2017, with a host of new columns, each of which will appear, as always, once a fortnight. 

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  1. I couldn't stop giggling at your list. What types of exercise other than yoga are you thinking of trying?

    1. Hi Lydia,
      I'm definitely going to give walking/running a go again. You know that routine where you walk for one minute, then run for one minute? I'll start on the ancient treadmill we have in the house. Gasping for air and sweating profusely is something I might just about manage in private. Nobody wants to see that...
      What about yourself? Have you made any resolutions this year?

  2. Yes, I've heard of that! A friend of mine started exercising with that technique after years of not really being active at all, and now she runs marathons. It's apparently very effective.

    My big resolution for this year is to stop procrastinating.

    1. Oh gosh, if I get a bit fitter, I'll be ecstatic. I don't see marathons in my future!
      No procrastinating sounds good. I might consider that for a while. ;)