Monday, 6 February 2017


                                        Artistic endeavours always seem possible in Spring.

FEBRUARY 1st marked St Bridget's Day in Ireland. It also marked the first day of Spring.

By anyone's standards, it wasn't a bad start to the new season. It might have drizzled rain all day, but it was warm.

The fact that February 2nd was cold and stormy, is neither here nor there. It's Springtime in Ireland. And that's a cause for celebration.

It's also a time for Spring fevers. And I don't mean the type that send you crawling back to bed with hot drinks and painkillers. I experienced that particular joy for half of January!

Looking back, I know I was delusional

But with new year resolutions already a distant memory, Spring lends itself to new projects. 

No matter how mad.

One February I decided that decluttering the house AND painting all the pine furniture would be a perfect 28 day job.

Looking back, I know I was delusional. At the time, I wondered how I'd never thought of it before.

The first day was fantastic: a whole room got decluttered.

And even though nobody noticed how minimalist the bathroom was, I didn't mind.

By day four, I despaired of the whole throwing-stuff-out part of the project. It's not something I do well. I turned my attentions instead, to the painting bit.

When people enquire, I tell them it's a special paint technique

To this day, we have a strangely painted, blue mirror in the guest loo. It sports a giant, white silk flower in the top corner. The Middle One, who's very artistic, is deeply embarrassed by it. When people enquire, I tell them that it's a special paint technique.

It isn't. It's simply that I used the wrong sort of paint, and wasn't able to get the cover I needed on the wood.

I abandoned that particular project after that, much to my family's relief.

Then there was the year I thought growing mushrooms in my laundry room, was the pinnacle of self sufficiency. The kit came via a mail order company.

My excitement, when it arrived, was almost too much: the Styrofoam box filled with soil and the beginnings of a year's supply of mushrooms.

Clearly, it was a slow month.

But it got more exciting about a week later.

     "Where's those batteries I bought?" the husband asked.
     "What batteries?"
     "Pretty sure I left them in the laundry room."
     "Did you look?"
     "Of course I did. By the way, I found an old box of dirt out there."
     "You didn't do anything awful with it, did you?"
     "I scattered it around the flower beds in the garden. I wouldn't just throw it out, obviously."

Imagine her horror when thousands of small, white maggots spilled out

The best Spring project I ever heard about, also involved gardening. Although on a grander scale than growing mushrooms in a box.

A friend's husband announced that he was planning a decent-sized vegetable plot. It would be done properly. The first thing needed, apparently, was a good compost bin.

The friend paid no attention to any of this. It was the husband's project. And he was happy not to share too many details.

So when a box arrived in the post a couple of weeks later, she brought it in to the kitchen and opened it. I can only imagine her horror, when thousands of small, white maggots spilled out onto her table and all over the floor: the starter kit for the compost bin.

That evening, her husband arrived home to a spotlessly clean kitchen and a note from his wife to say she was spending the night on her own in a local hotel.

He got a week in the spare room.

Spring fevers? Like any kind, you're best to let them run their course.

And hope you'll come through the other side.


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