Monday, 21 August 2017

7 Things to Do? Make a List!

                                    Make things easy: make a list!

I AM a list person.
It's not because I am terribly organised, or rigid about sticking to a plan. I'm not actually a great planner.

Except when it comes to organising flights or planning holidays. But that's only because I find flying stressful, so the more organised I am, the less stressed I am. (See? Even thinking about it! That last bit was all written in one big breath.) But I'm getting side-tracked...

No, the reason I like lists, is because unless I write everything down, I forget half the stuff I'm supposed to do. So, if I need something in the shop? Have a phone call to make? A bill to pay? A blog to write? It's all on a list.

If it's not in the diary, it doesn't happen.

I owe my love of lists to a friend (the same one who lives opposite, who's terrified of small furry creatures like hamsters, but not a bit afraid of spiders). When our children were little, I spotted a desk diary on her  kitchen countertop. She was, like me at the time, a full-time, stay-at-home mum.

"Why do you keep a day-to-day diary?" I asked. She smiled.
"If it's in the diary, it means it'll happen. I'll remember to be somewhere, do that thing I have to do. If it's not it the diary, it doesn't happen."

I went out and bought a desk diary. Each year, I'm bought a new one (easy Christmas gift for one of the family). I have become completely dependent on it.

There are, I suppose, pros and cons. On the upside, once it's in the diary, it tends to get done. Not necessarily on the day (I'm not that good), but if it doesn't get done that day, it gets moved to the next day's list. So there is technically a system.

My children have known, from an early age, the perils of NOT WRITING IT IN THE DIARY. 

"But Mum, I told you about that", is usually met with "was it in the diary?"
They have all learned the hard way.

There is also that fabulous feeling that comes from crossing things out.

On the downside, I tend to rely less upon my memory. I know people who are stunned by the fact that I write everything down. But even the act of writing it, helps lock it into my memory.

There is also that fabulous feeling that comes from CROSSING THINGS OUT. It's like when you make a Christmas shopping list. You know the sheer pleasure you feel when you've crossed that last item off!

Make a list every day? You experience that joy every day.

Stop laughing! It's the small stuff...


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